Weapons and Equipment

This page will list characteristic Wu-Yu weapons and equipment.



Flail/Two-Section staff or Chang Xiao Ban

Three-Section staff or Sanjiegun



Sword, double-edged/Jian

Dagger-axe/Ge (axe polearm)

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The Eighteen Arms (Chinese: 十八般兵器) is a list of the eighteen main weapons of Chinese martial arts. The origin of the list is unclear and there have been disputes with regards to what the eighteen weapons actually are. However, all lists contain at least one or more of the following weapons:

1. Dao (sabre, 刀)
 2. Qiang (spear, 槍)
 3. Jian (straight sword, 劍)
 4. Gun (棍) also known as Staff
 5. Halberd (halberd, 戟)
 6. Axe (斧)
 7. Battle axe (鉞)
 8. Hook sword (鉤)
 9. Fork (叉)
10. steel whip (鞭) Biān
11. Mace (鐧)
12. Hammer (錘)
13. Talon (抓)
14. Ranseur (Trident-halberd) (樘)
15. Long-handled spear (槊) also known as Lance
16. Short cudgel (棒)
17. Stick (拐) also known as Crutches
18. Meteor hammer (流星 Liu xing)


Type AP Cost per ENC ENC (SIZ 6-10) ENC (SIZ 11-15) ENC (SIZ 16-20) Notes
Cloth/soft leather/soft hide 1 20 SP
Hide, buffalo 2 40 SP
Leather, stiff 2 40 SP
Leather lamellar 3 50 SP
Hide, rhino 3 100 SP
Iron scale 4 150 SP
Iron lamellar 5 200 SP
Iron plate 6 300 SP
Article Locations Notes
Cuirass Chest
Hauberk Chest, Abdomen
Coat Chest, Abdomen, Arms Cloth/soft leather/soft hide only
Skirt Abdomen Trews Abdomen, Legs
Vambraces Arms
Greaves Legs
Helm Head

turtle shell

buffalo hide

wooden shield

rhino hide

See also Wikipedia Chinese Armour


Zhen poison (from feathers of the Zhen bird, extremely lethal; only antidote is the horn of a rhino)

Weapons and Equipment

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