Spell List

These are the most common spells in Wu-Yu. The lists are not exhaustive of all spells.

See also the rules for using a Ceremony to increase chances of successful casting, given at the bottom of this page.

Low Magic

Low Magic includes spells of no more than 1 point of Magnitude which are shared by all traditions (shamanic, priestly, and sorcerous).

Low Magic is cast differently accordingly to the caster’s tradition: foci for the shamanic tradition, gesture and chant for the priestly, and mere thought for the sorcerous. It is learned by battling spirits for shamanic users, praying for the priestly, and studying sorcerous texts for the sorcerous.

In terms of game mechanics, Low Magic is cast by rolling POW x5. Each casting costs Magic Points equal to the spell’s Magnitude plus any points spent to boost the spell. Low Magic is not forgotten once cast, and may be cast as many times as a character’s Magic Points will allow. A character’s Magic Points refresh after eight hours of undisturbed rest.

Learning new Low Magic spells requires the aid of a priest or shaman, or study of a sorcerous text. It usually requires great time and money to procure such aid or texts.

Low Magic Magnitude Professions
Aid Birth 1 Herder, Healer, Shaman, Priest
Amorousness 1 Herder, Healer, Shaman
Babel 1 Thief, Sorcerer
Basket 1 Farmer, Forager, Peddler, Scribe
Bladesharp 1 Crafter, Farmer, Warrior
Bless Crops 1 Farmer, Shaman, Priest
Bludgeon 1 Crafter, Warrior
Call Wind 1 Sailor, Sorcerer
Clear Path 1 Hunter, Forager
Control(Species) 1 Shaman, Sorcerer
Coordination 1 Entertainer, Thief
Cover of Night 1 Thief, Hunter
Demoralize 1 Noble, Fallen Noble, Servant, Priest
Detect(Substance, Species, or Magic) 1 Hunter, Fisher, Forager, Farmer, Peddler, Merchant, Thief, Healer, Priest, Shaman, Sorcerer
Dispel Magic 1 Shaman, Priest, Sorcerer, Thief
Emotion 1 Entertainer, Sorcerer
Endurance 1 Fisher, Hunter, Forager, Healer, Scribe, Warrior, Crafter
Extinguish 1 Sorcerer
Fanaticism 1 Noble, Fallen Noble, Priest
Fate 1 Priest
Fertility 1 Herder, Healer, Shaman
Featherfall 1 Sailor, Warrior, Entertainer, Forager
Find Lost Item 1 Herder, Shaman, Sorcerer
Float 1 Sailor, Fisher, Forager
Glamour 1 Entertainer, Merchant, Peddler, Servant, Sorcerer
Glue 1 Crafter, Sorcerer
Golden Tongue(outlawed) 1 Entertainer, Peddler, Merchant, Thief, Servant
Good Fortune 1 Priest, Thief
Guess Weight 1 Crafter, Entertainer, Peddler, Merchant, Scribe
Heal 1 Healer, Shaman, Priest, Farmer, Forager, Herder, Scribe
Ignite 1 Sorcerer
Light 1 Crafter, Scribe, Healer, Sorcerer, Priest
Lock 1 Crafter, Merchant, Peddler, Noble, Fallen Noble, Servant, Scribe, Priest, Shaman, Sorcerer, Thief
Message 1 Scribe, Servant, Noble, Fallen Noble, Merchant, Priest
Mindspeech 1 Servant, Noble, Fallen Noble, Thief, Priest, Sorcerer
Mobility 1 Merchant, Hunter, Thief
Night Sight 1 Hunter, Thief
Oath of Ordeal 1 Noble, Fallen Noble, Servant, Priest
Polyglot 1 Entertainer, Servant, Scribe, Thief, Merchant, Peddler, Sailor
Preservation 1 Hunter, Fisher, Forager, Farmer, Healer, Herder, Peddler, Merchant, Sailor, Priest, Shaman, Sorceror
Protection 1 Healer, Warrior, Priest, Sorcerer
Purify Water 1 Hunter, Farmer, Fisher, Forager, Healer, Herder, Shaman, Priest, Sorceror, Sailor
Read Thoughts(outlawed) 1 Noble, Fallen Noble, Thief, Merchant, Peddler, Servant
Repair 1 Farmer, Crafter, Fisher, Sailor, Sorcerer
Resist(Disease) 1 Healer, Shaman, Priest
Rope Work 1 Sailor, Sorcerer
Sort 1 Crafter, Peddler, Merchant, Scribe, Forager
Speak With(Species) 1 Hunter, Fisher, Shaman
Speedart 1 Hunter, Warrior
Spider Climb 1 Sailor, Thief, Forager
Spirit Screen 1 Shaman, Priest
Strength 1 Warrior, Crafter
Tell Fortune 1 Shaman, Entertainer
Thunder’s Voice 1 Noble, Fallen Noble, Servant, Scribe, Priest
Undead Bane 1 Priest, Shaman
Versatility 1 Entertainer, Sorcerer
Vigour 1 Healer, Warrior
Warmth 1 Hunter, Fisher, Healer, Herder
Water Breath 1 Fisher, Sailor, Forager, Sorcerer

High Magic

High Magic includes spells to which only priests, shamans, and sorcerers have access. They may be of a Magnitude greater than one.

Divine Magic

Only priests have access to Divine Magic.

Learning new Divine Magic requires days of prayer in an appropriately-sized temple and donations of funds proportionate to the Magnitude of the desired spell.

Divine Magic is good for one use only, after which it must be relearned with more prayer and donations at a temple. Increasing in rank may decrease these costs.

It is the will of the gods that powers Divine Magic. In terms of game mechanics, Divine Magic is almost always successful when cast, failing only on a roll of 96-00 on percentile dice.

High Magic: Spirit Magic Points of Magnitude
Heal 2+
Rain Dance 3
Seance 3
Second Sight 3
Spirit Screen 2+
Water Breath 2+
Spellteaching 2
Summon(Species) 1

(more to come)

High Magic: Divine Magic Points of Magnitude Archetypes
Heal 2+ All
Pray for Rain 3 Storm, Sun, Agricultural, Earth, Sea
Second Sight 3 All
Spellteaching 2 All
Water Breath 2+ Sea God

(more to come)

High Magic: Sorcery Points of Magnitude
Control Weather 1

(more to come)

Note: Sorcery spells do not require use of the Spell Teaching spell to be learned, they only require study of sorcerous texts.

There is only one other way to learn magic: sorcery. The Gnomes of Trulkor have developed a different system which does not rely on spirits or deities but employs the caster’s own energies to manipulate the laws of nature. This obvious offense against the spirits which dwell in nature is reviled throughout the Empire. Not only does it threaten the social order which exists in balance with nature, but left unchecked it would also run priests and shamans out of business! Imperial law strictly forbids the possession of sorcerous texts, let alone acts of sorcery, outside the Plateau of Trulkor. Nevertheless, texts have been leaking into the Empire. Those who dabble in such arts run the risk of burning at the stake.


Ceremony is not a type of magic but a technique which may be used to augment all forms of magic. All who learn magic learn how to use this basic technique. Effectively, the chance of successful casting is increased in exchange for time. By conducting an elaborate Ceremony, the caster builds, attunes, and focuses energies prior to casting. No skill roll is needed to perform a ceremony.

The table below shows the bonus granted by spending the corresponding amount of time in Ceremony. If used to augment non-ritual spells, the time refers to melee rounds. If augmenting ritual spells, it refers to hours.

Ceremony may not be used to eliminate Divine Magic’s standard 96-00 chance of failure.

Rounds/Hours Bonus to Success Chance
1 1D6
2 2D6
3 3D6
5 4D6
8 5D6
13 6D6
21 7D6
34 8D6
55 9D6
89 10D6
144 11D6
233 12D6
377 13D6
610 14D6
987 15D6
1597 16D6
2587 17D6
4181 18D6
6768 19D6
10949 20D6

Spell List

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