Martial Arts

I am planning to develop a more intricate and flavorful system of martial arts traditions. For now, we’ll use the RuneQuest system as is, more or less. The following is the system, but see below for a preview of what I’ve got planned.

Martial Arts (DEX) – Advanced Skill

A character versed in martial arts is a weapon in his own right and does not fear the lack of a sword. The Martial Arts skill may be used in place of the Unarmed skill, and may be used in place of any skill in the Grappling rules.

Martial Arts attacks deal 2D3 damage (instead of the standard 1D2 for unarmed attacks). A character with Martial Arts also counts as possessing natural weaponry.

In the world of Wu-Yu, the Martial Arts skill may be used to parry any close combat weapon. Most opponents in Wu-Yu use weaponry, so sophisticated techniques have been developed to counter blades, spikes, and other nasty things. Ranged Attacks may not be parried. Martial Arts parries have an AP (Armor Points) of 3.

Preview of Martial Arts in development (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Martial Arts traditions will be much like magical or religious traditions, insofar as masters must be sought out and orders must be joined, higher abilities depend on advancing in the order, and a certain philosophy or outlook comes with the package. All beginning martial artists start with the same basic advantages outlined above, but individual traditions may teach further techniques to those who prove themselves worthy.

Martial Art Philosophy Advantages Typical users
Dancing Clown Style Fool on the outside, master within. Feints, bonuses to surprise Goblinoids, spies, bards
Kiss of Fortune Style Whatever the world gives, turn it to advantage. Turn any object into a weapon Thieves, spies, merchants, philosophers
Tiger Strike Style Turn weaknesses into strengths, strengths into weaknesses. Aimed shots become easier Warriors, assassins
Swinging Monkey Style Swift body, silent mind. Bonuses to athletics and stealth Thieves, rogues, acrobats, Vanara
Water Wheel Style Bend with the wind, flow with the water Convert one or more Combat Actions into Reactions at will Warriors, philosophers
White Mare Style One with the animal. Bonus to mounted archery and combat Orcs, riders

Martial Arts

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