Hunun Gol

Hunun Gol was an Imperial-born Orc who rose to become Emperor.

From his childhood it was clear that Hunun Gol was a military genius. Upon reaching adulthood he enlisted and swiftly rose through the ranks. Fame followed upon his role in defeating raiding tribes of Orc nomads from the Goro Desert, and for a while he was considered a hero of the Empire. His name was known in nearly every household, and soldiers respected him.

It was then that Hunun Gol conceived a goal more ambitious than any suspected. Taking a small contingent of his best troops, he crossed the Goro Desert and pushed on into the Uga’ama Steppes. There dwelt tribes of Orcs with which the Empire had no previous contact, but which were traditional enemies of the Goro Desert Orcs. Hunun Gol spent several years ingratiating himself among the tribes, and eventually unified them into a single fighting force for the task of conquering the Goro Desert tribes once and for all. This task he achieved, making him an even greater hero in the Empire.

But honors were not what he was after. Incorporating the defeated Goro tribes into his army, Hunun Gol stood on the borders of the Empire with a force unlike any previously seen. The Emperor offered to name him Imperial Grand Marshall, a position second only to the Emperor himself. Hunun Gol did not even grace his former master with a reply. Instead, he rolled his massive legions into the heart of the Empire. After a long and protracted campaign, Hunun Gol accomplished what no one had thought possible: he wrested control of the Empire from the Dwarves, and made himself Emperor.

Yet his troubles had only begun. Governing the Empire proved considerably more difficult than conquering it. First, the many Orc chiefs that helped him win demanded prestigious lands as reward, and there were not enough to go around. Hunun Gol responded by stripping clan status from those that had once fought against him, a blunder igniting a rebellion that smolders to this day. Second, many Dwarves refused to accept their lowered role in society, and founded the Tathatan religion which denies the spiritual authority of an Orc-led regime. These challenges he tried to counter by rousing the support of the Goblinoid masses. The Decree of Emancipation of ZY1095 abolished serfdom and made all, including Goblinoids, free citizens. Unfortunately, the former serfs had little idea of how to be free citizens, and did not make for an effective resistance against the Orcs and Dwarves. Finally, the rise of the powerful Halfling Merchant Companies to the east forced Hunun Gol to make enormous trade concessions, resulting in the Freedom of Trade Proclamation of ZY1100.

After all these difficulties, Hunun Gol began to grow withdrawn from politics. The recent crop failures have gone without response from the Emperor. Nowadays, many secretly question his health and sanity.

Hunun Gol

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