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Civil conflict and social upheaval have left communities starving, dispossessed, and lost. Many have been forced into wandering, doing odd-jobs in order to fill their bellies. The challenges of the day include not only merciless lords and unscrupulous brigands, but also hunger and disease. At the same time, it is also an age of opportunity, when resourceful spirits can rise from the ashes, and the bravery of a few can change the course of history for better or for worse.

The game is run with RuneQuest, a game system with realistic rules where skills are important and combat is lethal. The Wu-Yu campaign setting aims to create a world that feels like it could almost exist. The style of play balances combat and role-playing, with the latter enjoying precedence.

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Adventure Log Chapter 1 Broke and Hungry in Kong Wan, Chapter 2 King for a Day, Chapter 3 The Things You Do for Yaks, Chapter 4 The Black Beast, Chapter 5 The Lady of the Three Ways, Chapter 6 Bayars Spiritual Journey, Chapter 7 The Committee for Conscience, Chapter 8 The Sorcery Scare, Chapter 9 The Epistles of Bayar and Jinga, Chapter 10 The Convocation of Grain Mages, Part I, Chapter 11 The Convocation of Grain Mages, Part II, Chapter 12 Ordeals of Conscience, Chapter 13 The Tathatan Ward, Chapter 14 The Long Way Round, Chapter 15 The Spectacular, A Dark Night, Chapter 16 The Mercury Mines, Chapter 17 Bayar’s Initiation, Chapter 18 The Battle of Kong Wan
Campaign Setting Bestiary, Food and Drink, Government Economy and Culture, Introduction, Magic and Technology, Maps, Races, Sex and Gender, Timeline, Weapons and Equipment
Game System 4th Edition Character Generation, Character Generation Aids, WuYu Character Sheet, Professions, RuneQuest Rules Summary, Spell List, Subsistence Type, Weapons and Equipment
Law, Politics, and Events Chandaras Code, The Conquest, Council of States, Decree of Emancipation, Doctrine of Unity, The Empire, Freedom of Trade Proclamation, Halfling Merchant Companies, Iron Wars, Ni-tauma and Tau-tauma, Punduks Code, Thaumas Ashes, Yamananda Prophecy
Magic High Magic, Low Magic, Spell List
Martial Arts Martial Arts
Myths and Legends Dance Upon the Back of Atmah, Departure of Bharata, Descent of Wu-Yu, Fishing Up of Atmah, Forging of the Three Treasures, Ghost Ride, Grand Drama of the Four Ages, Victory of Viru Over the Serpent
Places Bara-xi, Great Library of Punj, Kong Wan, Tathata River, The Tathatan, Yellow Forest, Xing Xiang
Races Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goblinoids, Halflings, Humans, Orcs, Tabaxi, Vanara
Religion Atmah, Atmahan, Bharata, Bharatan, Doctrine of Unity, The Golgul, Maha-Meng, Maha-Mengan, New Cults, Tathatan, Thauma, Thaumatan, Thauma-Virun, Trulkoran, Viru, Wu-Yu, Wu-Yun, Yaj Yeeb
Who’s Who Bhatrati, The Dawa, Grand Seer, Hunun Gol, Sri Gunda, Sri Mahani, The Shen, Wei-i, Yamananda

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