Halflings originally hail from the northern tundra, where shamanic tribes of them still herd reindeer today. Centuries ago, halflings began filtering into the Empire and taking up Imperial ways. Today they have found an apt niche in commerce, and command by far the most extensive network of merchant trading companies in Wu-Yu. The most successful companies are of such political power that they are in many respects semi-autonomous entities. Their navies suppress piracy in the Eastern Islands, but also exert pressure on the Empire. Most recently, Emperor Hunun abolished long-standing trade restrictions. Ever since, slaves have poured into the Empire on halfling vessels. Many of these are tabaxi flowing from the Yuan-ti Empire across the seas far to the south.

Halflings are renowned as shrewd traders, glib-tongued orators, and shady money-lenders. They have brought sophistry to an art form. They are also some of the best sailors in Wu-Yu, and can be found in most port cities.

Halfling adventurers are common wherever fortune is involved. Few are willing to risk their necks for heroic or spiritual pursuits, but of course there are always exceptions.

Halflings are among the shortest, about the same height as kobolds—3.5-4.5 feet tall. Their skin is fair to tanned, and their hair is thick and curly. They traditionally go barefoot.

Sex Some common names
Male Abo, Budi, Gondo, Janto, Kersen, Kosa, Sento, Setia, Tana, Tindo, Xoso
Female Chayaya, Joyola, Limanta, Mulawi, Ongoko, Soetana, Tagala, Tanadi, Tanasal, Wangsana, Winata, Xilaya

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