Gnomes are rare in the Empire. Few live outside their homeland in the Trulkor Plateau, a region never completely conquered by the Empire. Their priest-king is one of the few civilized rulers with a high degree of autonomy from the Empire. Gnomes mostly herd their goats in peace, unaffected by the troubles of the rest of Wu-Yu.

Gnomes are close cousins to dwarves, and many think of them as darker, more spiritually reckless dwarves. Their reputation is due to their penchant for sorcery. Whereas other races look down on or even fear sorcery as a dark art, gnomes consider it one of the most prestigious of pursuits. They have refined and cultivated sorcery’s secrets over the course of millennia. Most sorcerous texts are written in the gnomish tongue, and its techniques are known only in the high, mountainous altitudes of the Trulkor Plateau. In recent decades, however, these texts and techniques have been filtering into the Empire through secret channels.

Gnomes have reddish skin, and their females do not grow facial hair. In all other respects, they resemble dwarves.

Gnome adventurers are very rare, since few live outside the homeland.

Sex Some common names
Male Gesar, Jigme, Lobsang, Pasang, Pemba, Rinzen
Female Dechen, Diki, Karmah, Lhamo, Neema, Pema, Sangmu, Tashi, Tenzin

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