Food and Drink

Millet is the staple crop in the Imperial Highlands and most of the West, while rice is the staple in the rest of the East. The Southern Islands subsist on wild yams.

Millet is boiled to make porridge. It does not rise when cooked like bread, but produces something more like a cracker, which is another way it is eaten.

Soybeans and cucumbers are common vegetables, along with cabbage, peas, and bamboo shoots. Oranges, lemons, peaches, and apricots are common fruits.

Meats are expensive and thus rarely eaten by commoners, but among them pork and chicken are the most common. Fish and duck are also common.

Tea is a common refreshment.

A kind of beer called lao li is brewed from rice, honey, and grape and hawthorn fruits. Wine is fermented from millet, rice, wolfberries, or mulberries. The latter is mildly hallucinogenic.

There are two meals a day, one at mid-morning and another before dark.

Food and Drink

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