World of Wu-Yu

A Dark Night


I am a tiny raft afloat upon a storm-riddled ocean.
The water is filled with the most vile of monsters,
and I am tossed about till I am blind and half-crazed.

Every time I decide to accept the life that fate has dealt me,
my cards suddenly change as does the stakes, and I am lost again.

At one time I thought that if I achieved revenge, if I managed to kill
the ones responsible, the ghosts of my parents would finally rest in peace.
At least I might find peace in this world from their evil
which continues to plague me, as insult to injury even after my parents were murdered.

But no. That is not to be. I am lost again and this time these monsters will show no mercy.

Perhaps the fate that awaits me is the one of least resistance.
Perhaps I should simply accept that it is my lot to suffer greatly and then die.

By now Benari will have run to the Governor, explained that he was kidnapped and tortured by us and the Tathatons into revealing the Governor’s plans.

Tomorrow the Governor will have us arrested and tortured till we give him the evidence implicating his creature Benari.
He will move against the Tathatons as they make their escape, pleading the city was only defending itself.
What is left of our bodies will be dragged out of our filth-ridden cells and executed as traitors.

After all, Thama-Virun provides…..

(Tass blows out the candle and stares into the darkness)



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