Viru is the primary deity worshiped by followers of Thauma-Virun, who consider him to be one with Thauma, and the ancestor of Orcs. The deity derives from two sources: a Dwarven myth, and Orcish folk tales.

In the Dwarven myth, the Fishing Up of Atmah, Thauma goes fishing with an Elf named Viru. Thauma-Virun followers claim that Dwarves mistakenly recorded Viru as an Elf, being at that ancient time unaware of Orcs but familiar with the somewhat similar-looking Elves. They further claim that Viru, the Orc ancestor, received the Regency of Wu-Yu at the same time as Thauma, so that either Dwarves or Orcs may legitimately rule the Empire. Followers of the Tathatan religion expressly deny these claims.

The Viru of the Dwarven myth, a relatively nondescript character, has been enriched by associations with a figure from Orcish folk tales. This figure, originally named Dar but now called Viru, is a horse-archer. The Victory of Viru Over the Serpent tells how a great serpent called Olom once threatened to swallow the sun. With the aid of a magical horse lent him by Erdenet, the Mistress of Horses, Viru leaped over the ring of fire encircling the serpent and slew the beast with his arrows. Thus, Viru saved the world from eternal darkness. His cult is correspondingly focused on light and salvation.

Viru is called the Sun-prince, One With Thauma, Vanquisher of Darkness, Savior, He Whose Avatar Is the Emperor, and Ancestor of Orc-kind


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