Elves occupy an odd place in Wu-Yu. As the keepers of the second age of the Grand Drama, and the founders of much spirituality and culture, elves are revered. However, their wandering way of life, which produces little and earns little, provokes disdain and even persecution. Elves generally live as drifters, doing odd jobs to eke out a living. Carpentry, metal repair-work, healing, and the peddling of wares are their stock in trade. They are stereotyped as thieves, and for some elves this holds true. They don’t care to make much profit, and don’t feel much loyalty to authorities. They seem to care only about being with their families and living freely. Some consider elves spiritual idealists, others call them derelicts. Currently, elves are forbidden to enter certain cities of the Empire, having been expelled due to criminal incidents and general anti-Elven sentiment.

Like dwarves, elves once lived exceedingly long lives. They are capable of nearly a thousand years. However, their longevity depends on ancient energy dances called wu, none of which survive to this date. Elves do not believe in writing down their spiritual secrets, and long ago the greatest among them “departed” from this world. Thus, the wu were lost, and Elves now live little over a hundred years.

Adventuring elves are common, however it is rare that they seek fortune or fame from their travels. Wanderlust or avoidance of authority are more likely to drive elves to adventure.

Elves are one of the taller races, usually around 5-6 feet in height. They tend to be slender. Their hair, which they grow long, is very fine and straight. They have pointed ears, and their skin tends to be rugged and deeply tanned, due to their roving, outdoor lifestyle.

Sex Some common names
Male Aroon, Jaran, Kamoi, Krissada, Lor, Neerat, Pongpat, Sakdaa, Viroo
Female Janeen, Kanya, Mali, Phailee, Prasert, Sumalee, Sunee, Tasanee

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