For millennia, Bara-xi was the spiritual center of the Empire. Today it lies in ruins, a cursed place avoided by wary travelers.

Bara-xi lies at the source of the holy Tathata River, in the foothills of the Tianshu Mountains. Around BZY600 it became a center of religious activity, with a priestess pronouncing oracles. These oracles were eventually redacted into the sacred Dwarven Law-scriptures.

When Hunun Gol and his Orcs swept across the Empire, Bara-xi was the last stronghold of Dwarven rule. It finally fell in ZY1088, and was destroyed. The city now lies in ruins, and is widely regarded as a cursed place of ghosts and the restless dead.

Bara-xi also gives its name to the city-state of Bara-xi, which enjoys a seat on the Council of States. While the actual city lies in ruins, the city-state continues to be administered from the nearby town of Kanaxa.


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