World of Wu-Yu

Chapter 11 The Convocation of Grain Mages, Part II

Last time, Tse-dong, Mo-tse, Tass, and Bayar had made it to Kanaxa, and Mo-tse infiltrated the Pavilion of Flowers and planted the sorcerous text incriminating the Tathatan Dwarf priest Mamputra, as per the Governor’s orders. Unfortunately, Mo-tse bumbled his escape through the chimney, and was captured by the guards.

The captain of the pavilion guards, an Orc woman who had finally landed a position of some importance and was eager to carry it through without incident, made a split-second decision. She ordered Mo-tse rushed out of the pavilion before anyone knew what had happened.

Meanwhile, outside the Pavilion, the others knew none of this. They were growing anxious, so Tse-dong used his Project Sight spell to see inside. He saw a crowd of priests shouting at the captain of the guard, but he could not see Mo-tse anywhere. What he did see, however, was a second intruder in the pavilion: one Citizen Dugo. And he saw that he had gotten in by slitting a guard’s throat.

What Dugo was doing there he did not know, but he and Tass and Bayar immediately took action. Tass ran in shouting “murderer! murderer!” Dugo ran out, chased by Tass, Tse-dong, and Bayar.

Tse-dong wasted no time in pulling out his crossbow. They’d had too much trouble with Dugo to let him escape. Tse-dong shot, and clipped Dugo in the leg. He went down, unconscious from the shock. Tass rushed in, and pretending to heal him, opened up his jugular so that he would bleed out in a matter of seconds.

By that time, the pavilion guards made it to the scene, saw the dying intruder, and attempted to cast a healing spell on him so that he could be interrogated. But Tse-dong, who wanted nothing of the kind to happen, surreptitiously intervened with his Neutralize Magic spell. The healing spell failed, and Dugo expired of blood loss.

What was Dugo doing there? Had he been sent by the Governor for some reason? Or was he pursuing his own plot of revenge? They would never know.

Meanwhile, Mo-tse was taken away and imprisoned for the night in a guard post. Tse-dong and the others found him, and in the morning Tse-dong made a plea for his brother’s release. Humbling himself in a way most uncharacteristic for him, he played the role of the dumb low-class Goblinoid in order to win his brother’s release. After much ado with some obviously money-grubbing guards looking for a bribe, he finally got Mo-tse out of prison.

By that time, the word had spread that the pavilion had been infiltrated by intruders, and the purity of the Convocation was thus broken. The entire city was shut down, with no one allowed in or out, and with all citizens encouraged to stay home and pray to the ancestors for forgiveness of this infraction against ritual purity.

Meanwhile, the sorcerous text was discovered inside the Tathatan priest Mamputra’s copy of the Dwarven Law-scriptures, and he was taken away for possession of illegal texts and suspicion of practicing sorcery. A scandal ensued, resulting in severe restrictions for Tathatans in the West. Prince Bayanhongor placed on a ban on their free travel, requiring them to stay within their respective cities and towns.

In the midst of all this controversy, the group laid low in an inn for several days until the city-wide lock-down was lifted, then made their exit. They are now traveling on the Purple Road back to Kong Wan.



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